Evolution - I-MOVE

(Português) Liberdade & Segurança


✔ LOCK / UNLOCK door (pulse 1s or 3s)
✔ ELECTRIC GLASS RISE (0.2s or 14s)
✔ Radio ON / OFF (integrated)
✔ ANTI THEFT/ BLOCKER (integrated)
✔ Automatic RESET
✔ Ignition LOCK
✔ Auxiliary OUTPUT
✔ Ultrasonic SENSOR
✔ Dedicated SIRENE
✔ PANIC function
✔ LOCATOR function
✔ BATTERY BACKUP connector

Technical Specifications

Features I-MOVE
2 years warranty
Long battery life
CD player On/Off
key Army Knife
Master Key
Control power locks
Compatible Lock presence
Connector for backup battery
Anti cloning control
Conventional control
Presence Control
Disables alarm by the master key
Temporary deactivation of ultrasound
Warning shot for control
Find function
Valet function
Enables the alarm master key
Control ignition
IP67 (allows immersion in water without damage to the alarm)
Memory for controls
Alloy option and turn off silent
Alternating flashing arrows (vehicle battery saving)
Automatic reactivation
Trip Report
Resistant to electromagnetic interference
Auxiliary output
Accelerometer sensor
Siren loud audible volume Dedicated
Automatic door lock
Integrated anti-theft